Keep your child protected by restricting social media access and by blocking pornographic content on the Internet with the help of this simple parental control software solution.

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NetMommy Description

The Internet is a fantastic and overwhelming source of information which means that, at least in theory, leaving your child with full access towards all that potentially useful knowledge comes with lots of benefits. However, we all know that some content found on the Internet is not appropriate for children under a certain age.

Fortunately, you can employ apps like NetMommy to protect your child from harmful content such as internet porn, dating sites, addicting games and even social media, at times.

In a few words, NetMommy is a user-friendly and useful internet control application that uses smart internet pornography to block unwanted content. Not only this, but the app also enables you to filter exactly what content should or should not be under heavy restrictions.

Easy to install, even easier to work with

The app undergoes a typical and uneventful installation process, subsequent to which you are required to create an account to gain total control over its functionality. You will have to provide a username and answers to two very generic ‘reminder-questions’. Once this is taken care of, the app automatically generates a random password, which you can later use for locking or unlocking it.

Upon first launching the utility, you are met by a compact main window with a relatively modern-looking user interface. The functionality is divided with the help of three tab menus, named “Control Panel”, “Protection Level” and “Regulate Social Media”.

User-friendly software solution for keeping your child protected from harmful content

This said, regardless of your computer experience, you can start taking advantage of what NetMommy has to offer, right away. You can set the restriction level from mild to very severe and, on the other side of the scale, you can also whitelist websites that the application might consider dangerous.

One other critical feature of NetMommy is the fact that it enables you to thoroughly enforce social media restrictions, with custom time segments that social media is allowed or blocked.

It gets the job done, but it could be better

The protection features offered by NetMommy might be enough for some, but the fact of the matter is that you can never be too safe. Therefore, it would have been nice if NetMommy could offer you a way to control or block apps and games, for example. Also, as it stands the app enables you only to block websites and restrict control, but offers no way of monitoring your child’s overall activity.

To conclude, NetMommy is a simple internet control application that offers a quick way to protect your child by blocking and restricting unwanted content. However, apps like these should offer a parent a comprehensive way of understanding what their children are doing to take the appropriate measures for protecting them. This is why NetMommy should come with a built-in activity monitor.

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