Network management solution that enables clever use of Netop, Netdisco, and Active Directory features, in an intuitive workspace, and various deployment, and data gathering tools.

  • NetManager
  • Version :2016.07.14
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Serg

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NetManager Description

Computers in a network are all handled by a main one, in order for sensible info can’t be easily leaked, or other malicious types of content to infiltrate the whole network. NetManager delivers the means to keep multiple computers in Active Directory under control, view related details, deploy programs and actions, or export everything to file.

Split into two sections, the main window provides a clear view over connected and detected computers on a network, as well as other devices, users, shares, autorun items, functions to deploy, and more. These details are accessed from different tabs, for a little more comfort and efficiency in design.

The connection needs to be established first, and there’s a dedicated address field which needs to be filled in with related details. With multiple targets available, one can grab existing connections from file, clipboard, directory. There’s also the possibility to clear history, log, show warnings, add new hosts, or set up manual background update start.

A configuration panel can be used in order to pick the details of interest to appear in the main tab. Refresh interval can be tweaked to keep details updated at custom intervals. Proper management is ensured by paths for remote programs configurations, to quickly locate Netop guest, Radmin viewer, DameWare, UltraVnc, MSRA, and custom RC.

Detected devices are all shown in separate tabs, depending on type. Multiple operations can be handled through the context menu, such as copying different value fields, filtering according to custom criteria, as well as exporting all details to CSV. Monitoring is done in the background, quietly sitting in the tray area when not used.

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