Accessible and cross-platform C++-based application that enables you to quickly develop and generate 3D meshes in no time at all.

  • Version :5.3 / 6.0 Beta / 6.1 Experimental
  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Joachim Schoeberl

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NETGEN Description

NETGEN is a handy application that was designed to help you generate tri-dimensional tetrahedral meshes automatically based on CSG (constructive solid geometry) or BRep (boundary representation) input.

Generates 3D meshes without significant efforts

NETGEN can help you create 3D meshes for various geometrical bodies in no time since the whole mesh generation process is based on external file input and does not require you to perform any complicated configuration steps.

The application also packs an extensive collection of sample files that are meant to help you understand its usability and familiarize yourself with its functions. After you launch the app, you can load a demo document by accessing the File menu and using the Load Geometry feature, as the program automatically points to the sample files’ location.

Can export to various formats

After loading the geometrical body of your choice, you can generate a mesh by clicking the dedicated button under the Mesh menu. One of the traits that make this program versatile is the fact that you can export to a broad range of formats by using the Export Filetype menu. Some of them are Neutral, Surface Mesh, DIFFPACK, Tochnog, Abaqus, Permas, FEAP, ELMER, STL, VRML, Gmsh, Gmsh2, OpenFOAM, and TET.

Meshes can also be imported from your computer or merged with another one. Additionally, NETGEN also enables you to create video clips. Doing so can be accomplished by accessing the “Video clip” section of the File menu, hitting the “start…” button and specifying an output file on your PC. Unfortunately, the only supported format is MPG.

CSG geometry scanner and mesh checker

Aside from its core mesh generating functions, this application comes with a series of additional options that are designed to help you obtain a high-quality project. Among them, you can find a CSG geometry scanner and various mesh checkers, a boundary conditions editor, a geometry analyzer and a volume optimizer.

More so, surfaces can be refined by using the dedicated options under the Refinement menu. The Special menu lets you configure settings for color-based boundary conditions by inspecting colors in a mesh, selecting a color profile or set a profile-based assignment.

Handy automatic tetrahedral mesh generator

To wrap it up, NETGEN is a reliable application that can help you create tri-dimensional tetrahedral meshes automatically. It comes with a comprehensive user interface that packs an extensive number of functions, lets you generate video clips and can export to a broad range of formats.

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