.NET Win HTML Editor Control

A .NET control component that acts as a HTML content browser, with advanced data binding features and fully customizable control options.

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.NET Win HTML Editor Control Description

.NET Win HTML Editor Control is a development component designed to provide users with the possibility to include rich text editor within their applications. The tool is simple, easy-to-use, offers an HTML content viewer, and provides fully customizable dialogs and context menu.

The application has been packed with a powerful data binding feature that allows users to view the database string fields that include HTML content. The software comes with a Word-like interface and makes it easy for users to transform HTML or Word documents into optimized XHTML.

.NET Win HTML Editor Control also devs to add their graphics, text and event handlers to personalize their programs as they want. It comes with three different modes and allows users to switch between them effortlessly: WYSIWYG editing mode, HTML Source Editing mode, and Preview mode.

The programming component can be used right out of the box and delivers support for a vast range of class properties, events, and methods. The utility has been created with support for NHunspell / Open Office and NetSpell dictionaries, which means that developers do not need to enter lines of code to point to a particular dictionary.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • MessageBox reminder of Demo
  • Visible Purchase link
  • 14 days trial

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