Net Statistics

Monitor network traffic to find out sent and received packets along with maximum speed, schedule tasks, generate reports, and customize colors.

  • Net Statistics
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  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Zdravko Stoychev

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Net Statistics Description

Net Statistics is an advanced tool that facilitates a user-friendly interface for monitoring network interfaces to keep track of sent and received packets across active Internet connections.

It runs in the systray and contains a wide array of configuration settings, geared toward experienced users, such as network administrators.

Runs in the systray

Although this is not indicated through visual or audio means, the app gets integrated into the taskbar notifications area at startup, showing a small window with the network stats, namely the amount of sent and received packets (kilobytes) along with the maximum speed (kilobytes per second).

The configuration panel is filled with numerous options that you can explore and tinker with. All network interfaces are included in the monitor by default, but any of them can be excluded.

Dynamic maximum speed, counters, and reports

You can view the exact amount of sent and received packets along with the maximum speed, disable dynamic maximum speed mode to limit the uploading and downloading, specify the frequency for resetting the counters for sent and received counters, as well as generate summary reports to view history about counters usage on any past day, week or month.

Scheduled traffic recording and UI customization

Tasks can be scheduled to capture network traffic when you leave your computer unattended for a longer period of time, which especially comes in handy when your Internet access is restricted by data transfers. Moreover, Net Statistics can be integrated into the Windows autostart sequence, so that it runs by default every time you turn on your computer.

The graphs colors can be personalized by switching to a predefined color scheme or by handpicking each color for the download, upload, download and upload fill, in and out average text, maximum speed text, text background, and other aspects. It’s also possible to make the background transparent and apply window transparency, among others.

Evaluation and conclusion

The software application had minimal impact on the computer’s performance in our tests, running on a low amount of CPU and RAM. It didn’t hang, crash or indicate errors, remaining smoothly throughout its entire runtime.

To sum it up, Net Statistics comes packed with an advanced set of practical options to help you keep an eye on network traffic. It’s free to use and features approachable configuration settings.

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