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Straightforward application which enables you to easily erase, format and verify DVDs and CDs, as well as bring up drive information.

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Nero InCD Description

Ever since CDs appeared on the market and later on DVDs, copying and sharing data across various systems and platforms became much easier. However, sometimes issues would appear because some OS would not read one file system or another.

To solve this, a neutral format, readable by any operating systems was developed: UDF (Universal Disk Format). To make use of it, disc burning software also implemented the format and it is now present on the supported list of most such applications.

One of the utilities especially designed to work with this file system is Nero InCD. It was developed specifically in order to erase and format CDs and DVDs. It can even be configured to auto-format blank discs upon insertion.

Quick installation and structured GUI

The setup process you are required to go through does not take very long, as it does not come bundled with any offers from third-party products. After wrapping it up, you come face to face with a pretty well-organized layout. The interface is comprised of a few buttons, a navigation panel and a few others which enable you to view various information.

In addition to that, extensive Help contents are incorporated, thus making sure that all types of users can handle Nero InCD, regardless of their previous experience.

Erase, format and verify discs, and bring up device information with ease

As stated above, this utility can help individuals in erasing information from rewritable discs, as well as format them, without deploying a lot of effort. In addition to that you should also know that you can verify CDs and DVDs and display drive information.

A handy feature of this software is its ability to read optical discs created with the SecurDisc technology which has specific protection properties. The only requirement is that a compatible optical drive is connected to the system.

Nero InCD supports all CD and DVD formats in existence, but you should note that regular, write-only discs (CD-R or DVD-R) cannot be reformatted nor erased. For those purposes, you still have to resort to using CD-RW and DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM discs.

A last assessment

Since it is very easy to use, with a clean interface that provides quick access to all the features, this application is suitable for all users, advanced and less experienced alike. Without any complex configurations and thanks to the ability to use several UDF file systems, Nero InCD is one of the best tools in its category. Moreover, the computer’s performance is not going to be affected in a significant fashion, and all tasks are completed in a pretty decent amount of time.

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