Nero DiscSpeed

Improve CD/DVD/BD reading reliability and extend your disc drive lifetime.

  • Software: Nero DiscSpeed
  • Version :
  • License :¬†Free
  • OS : Windows Windows 10/8/7/XP
  • Requirements: No special requirements
  • Publisher :¬†Nero AG

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Nero DiscSpeed description:

Nero Disc Speed is a tool to improve CD/DVD/BD reading reliability, lower read noise, and extend your disc drive lifetime. Nero Disc Speed can set the maximum data transfer rate of your drive and limit disk rotation speed. These settings will apply to all Windows applications that read data from disc. When you listen to your favorite music, watch movies, or play games, you don’t need an ultrafast data transfer rate, because most multimedia formats such as MPEG, DivX, AVI, and MP3 are designed to play for a long time and use low data transfer rates. When you lower data transfer rates with Nero Disc Speed, it lowers disk rotation speed, lowers noise level, and also extends the lifetime of your drive. Nero Disc Speed will help if you have data reading problems, because lower rotation speeds improve general data read reliability. You may also use Nero Disc Speed to avoid the damage caused by low quality discs that may crash at high rotation speeds. Nero Disc Speed works with multiple disc devices installed in the computer. It can lock, unlock, eject, and load the disc drive`s tray.

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