Apply a color filter over your whole screen and not just a specific application or theme, create more presets and easily trigger them with configurable hotkeys.

  • NegativeScreen
  • Version :2.5.6357.28082
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Melvyn Laily

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NegativeScreen Description

Colors help us better define the world around us, and are not there just to look pretty. Modern screens are capable of displaying millions of colors, so customization options are abundant. In this regard, NegativeScreen comes with the means to apply a color filter over your whole screen at the press of a button.

Apply a color filter on screen

The application comes in a really small package and it doesn’t even require an installation to properly work. As such, you can easily store it on a removable disk drive to use on the go, and this way the target PC’s health status stays intact, because registries are not tampered with.

Don’t worry if the screen colors change drastically when you run it, because this is the default option that’s triggered. You can click on the tray icon to revert changes in a second. In addition, multiple other preset filters are at your disposal, most being different negative variations. Truth be told, they do add a somewhat psychedelic experience to desktop activities.

Create custom color filters

Each preset is fitted with a hotkey, but changing the mode doesn’t also modify colors, because there’s a separate key combination for that. For a quick preview, you can enable the main function, and go through all presets, with changes applied in real time.

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to managing the application’s settings. Choosing to access them brings up your default word processor that shows a lot of code and text. Luckily, everything is cleverly explained, and after a short time of documentation, you can create custom color filters, or change the presets.

Although it might seem a little difficult to try out custom settings, just backup the original configuration file and try your luck with different values. The worst thing that can happen is for the application not to recognize functions, and crash without affecting your computer’s stability.

To sum it up

All in all, there’s little to no real practicality you can pull from using NegativeScreen, with no enhancements brought to desktop activities, or anything else that runs on your computer. However, it’s a neat way to customize the whole screen and not just change the Windows theme, it’s portable, and worth a try overall, at least for the fun of it.

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