This compact application allows you to control the mouse cursor with your keyboard and create multiple profiles in order to customize the control options.

  • NeatMouse
  • Version :1.05.000
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Neat Decisions

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NeatMouse Description

NeatMouse is a practical tool for the users who prefer to control their computer only with the keyboard. The program allows you to perform mouse operations with the keyboard by binding mouse movement and actions to certain keys.

Most Windows users would agree that removing the mouse from their configuration makes it impossible to perform certain actions such as selecting icons or launching applications. Keyboard shortcuts can compensate but your productivity will suffer greatly if you were to give up your mouse.

Therefore, we are not suggesting that you should throw away your mouse, but only to consider this application for actions that require higher precision such as area selection. If you do not understand what am I talking about, try to make a 257 x 353 pixel selection in Paint. Unless you have an extremely accurate mouse, it should take at least a few tries to get it right.

The NeatMouse application aims to improve the control of your mouse cursor by using the keyboard. Thus, you can change the selection size by pressing the numpad keys instead of trying to adjust it with the mouse.

By default, the program comes with a keyboard layout that covers the basic mouse movements and actions. You can unbind certain keys or change the controls in order to create your own profile.

The user can specify two movement increments which should enable you to use the keyboard for both screen navigation and precision selections. To change between the two settings you just need to hold down the Control key or specify another button.

If you would like to use the same settings on a different computer, you can choose the portable installation from the setup dialog and save all the files on a removable device. In our test it required insignificant resources and provided accurate cursor control in all applications.

Although it is not designed to completely replace the classic pointing device, NeatMouse can provide enhanced mouse control when you need it.

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