Effortlessly trim Nintendo ROMs with the help of this extremely fast and efficient piece of software that is packed with lots of useful automatic features and comes with support for batch processing.

  • NDSTokyoTrim
  • Version :3.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Techsuki.net

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NDSTokyoTrim Description

With its characteristic features like two LCD screen, a decent built-in microphone and support for wireless connectivity, it is no surprise that the Nintendo DS went out to be one of the best selling, if not the best, selling handheld game console since its launch in 2004.

Since its success, the popular NDSTokyoTrim application has also gained a fair bit of popularity. NDSTokyoTrim is an easy-to-use and efficient utility that enables you to trim Nintendo DS, GBA and 3DS ROMs

User-friendly ROM trimmer for Nintendo DS cards

Without getting into too much detail, trimming ROMs means removing the ‘filling data’ from the gaming cards used by Nintendo handheld devices.

Basically, NDSTokyoTrim frees the remaining space in the cartridge by removing the excess data without affecting the game’s functionality.

The application can be used straight-out-of-the-box since it does not require installation. Thanks to a clean and intuitive user interface and a minimal set of features, learning to use NDSTokyoTrim is by no means difficult, regardless of your PC operating skills.

Packs advanced and useful features that make it one of the best ROM trimmers out there

You should also know that the application comes with support for batch processing, meaning that you can trim large numbers or ROMs with no more than a few mouse clicks.

What is more, the program comes with full support for RAR, ZIP and 7ZIP archives and it works with all popular DS cards, namely R4, Acekard, M3, CycloDS, G6 and others.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that NDSTokyoTrim can automatically detect which games are specially designed for Wi-Fi usage and, even more important, which have already been trimmed.

The good news does not stop here, as the utility can autofix any incorrect trimming and other mistakes from other similar software.

ROM trimmer that has gained a solid fan base over the years

Taking all of the above into consideration, with its user-friendly nature, advanced automatic features and its renowned and praised efficiency, there is no surprise that NDSTokyoTrim is ROM trimmer of choice for so many Nintendo DS passionate gamers.

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