Navicat for SQL Server

A reliable, useful and practical application specially designed for users who need to connect to multiple SQL Server databases and organize tables, execute SQL scripts and manage SQL procedures.

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Navicat for SQL Server Description

Navicat for SQL Server is a straightforward and effective application whose main purpose is to provide its users with a graphical approach to database management and administration.

The application allows you to connect to various SQL Server databases and enables you import data from ODBC, create, edit and view tables, manage indexes, foreign keys and procedures and run SQL scripts.

When you launch the program for the first time, you can establish a secure SSH connection and enjoy a strong authentication and encrypted communication between two hosts. Simply specify the host name and choose the authentication mode. After that, you are able to view all the available databases in the left panel, wherefrom a connection tree is created.

The main window is very simple and displays all the available attributes, functions and foreign keys each time you open a table. The toolbar allows you to access basic objects and features such as connections, users, backups, reports and models. Since it comes with an intuitive interface, you will find Navicat for SQL Server extremely easy-to-use no matter you are a database developer or a novice user.

The ‘Object Designer’ option allows you to quickly create, modify and delete records using the grid view. It is similar to a spreadsheet, where each column represents a field and each row represents a record.

By using the ‘SQL Builder’ tab, which becomes available when you select the ‘New Query’ option, you are able to create and edit queries without learning the proper usage of commands. It is divided into three sections: the left panel displays all the available tables that exist in the current database, the upper graphical view allows you to view the selected tables and the lower panel displays all the SQL queries.

What’s more, because the program comes with a useful and handy ‘Code Completion’ feature, you can experience a new way in constructing SQL statements. Whether you want to select available properties of database objects or SQL scripts, all it takes is a pick from the drop-down list.

Also, you are able to backup the entire database by selecting the backup type you are interested in and viewing the generated SQL scripts. This way, you can rest assured that you will not lose important data.

Overall, Navicat for SQL Server makes a good impression and proves to be a steady solution when it comes to connecting to various SQL Server databases.

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