Nabaztag Control

Send commands to your Nabaztag bunny device to sleep, wake up, act, speak a message or move its left and right ears from a user-friendly interface.

  • Nabaztag Control
  • Version :2015-12-13
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :James Ross

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Nabaztag Control Description

Nabaztag Control is a small-sized and intuitive piece of software designed for those who want to control their Nabaztags.

These are devices in the shape of bunny rabbits, which can connect to wireless networks to perform a variety of actions, from retrieving the weather forecast to accessing email accounts and reading messages.

Send commands to Nabaztag devices

These ambient electronic devices are customizable to some degree, making room for interested software developers to come up with various solutions for interacting with the Nabaztag.

Nabaztag Control doesn’t have an abundant set of features by any means, but it gives you the possibility to send some basic commands to Nabaztags in a straightforward manner.

Needs .NET Framework to work properly

It’s not necessary to install it because you just just extract the program files from the downloaded archive and simply double-click the .exe to fire up the software solution. However, make sure that your PC is equipped with .NET Framework since it cannot become operational without this platform.

Set the device’s MAC address and token

Adopting a user-friendly interface made from just one window that shows all options, Nabaztag Control invites you to begin by entering the MAC address and token, which are used for establishing contact with your Nabaztag. These unique figures are particularly useful when you have to identify multiple devices.

Sleeps, wakes up, acts, speaks or moves its ears

Once the link is made, you can ask your Nabaztag to go to sleep, wake up or act, as well as to speak any message you write. Furthermore, you can make adjustments to move the rabbit’s left and right ear.

To wrap it up, Nabaztag Control is an approachable program that can help you take control of your Nabaztag device and send it commands from a user-friendly interface. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our testing.

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