Export data from MySQL databases to multiple document formats, schedule tasks and perform batch operations, with this handy application.

  • MyToTxt
  • Version : 3.4 Release 1 Build 170705
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Withdata Software

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MyToTxt Description

MyToTxt is a useful conversion tool, designed to help you export MySQL database data to various formats. It features a built-in task scheduler and offers command line support.

Export MySQL data

The application enables you to export data from tables or queries and supports multiple output formats: TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, XLS and SQL.

You can choose to export single tables and specify which fields should be included. It is also possible to batch export data, allowing you to save information from multiple tables in one operation.

MyToTxt offers command line support, making it possible to quickly perform certain operations by simply executing a batch file.

Schedule operations

The program includes a built-in task scheduler, allowing you to load created BAT files and run them at specific times and dates. You can define various parameters and add relevant comments.

Tasks can be run daily, weekly, monthly, at computer startup or at the beginning of a user session. They can be programmed to stop automatically if the device switches to battery power and can wake the computer from sleep mode.

Additionally, if a task fails, it can be restarted at preset intervals up to a specified maximum number of attempts. If a task is not scheduled to be performed again, it can be automatically deleted after a certain number of days.

Lacks adequate documentation

MyToTxt is a utility aimed at database administrators who wish to easily export information to various document formats. While it is expected that its users should have specialized knowledge, the included documentation is outdated and minimalistic, offering only basic explanations of the program’s functions.

Overall, MyToTxt is a useful application for those who need a way to export data from MySQL databases. It allows you to save data from tables and queries, supports batch processing, offers command line functionality and features a built-in task scheduler.

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