MySQL ODBC driver

ODBC connector for MySQL databases that will enable you to build stable, secure and reliable connections between ODBC-based applications and your databases.

  • MySQL ODBC driver
  • Version:2.1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Devart

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MySQL ODBC driver Description

MySQL ODBC Driver allows you to create a stable, fast and high-performance database connection for your applications.

The tool is a suitable connectivity solution for applications that work based on ODBC drivers. Moreover, the utility specializes in creating connections to MySQL databases.

MySQL ODBC Driver can help you generate a direct connection from your application to the MySQL database and offers support for standard ODBC API functions.

Moreover, it can help you implement specific data types in your application driver, to facilitate the MySQL connection.

The Direct connection ensures high stability and speed for data transfers from your application to the MySQL database or vice versa, thanks to the TCP/IP channels.

This method ensures a quick and secure deployment process, plus it allows you to avoid interference from other software, third party or not.

MySQL ODBC Driver can be used on several platforms, including on multiple operating systems: Windows, Linux or OS X, plus it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Moreover, the driver is compatible with various MySQL servers, from the earliest editions, up to the most recent, as well as with MariaDB.

The tool also complies with common ODBC interface types, offering support for ODBC data types and API functions. Additionally, it allows you to create a secure connection, using the SSH tunnel protocol, for data encryption.

MySQL ODBC Driver can easily be installed and configured, from the ODBC Data Source Administrator tool in Windows.

You can specify the MySQL server and port you wish to connect to, as well as the preferred protocol: mpTCP, mpSocket, mpPipe, mpMemory, mpSSL, mpHTTP, from the General tab.

You may also specify the login credentials and enable the Direct Mode connection. Moreover, the SSL or HTTP tools can be configured from the Advanced Settings tab.

System requirements

  • MySQL database
  • libmysql.dll (for Direct Mode connection)

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 30 days trial

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