Design photo albums, banners, calendars, or canvas using various layouts, beautiful backgrounds, and favorite photos to remember treasured memories.

  • Version :1.6.8
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :myphotobook GmbH

Download Now Description is a feature-rich and intuitive application which helps create your own personalized picture collection, posters, or calendars using your favorite images.

It provides a well-organized and modern layout divided into three distinct panels. The first provides a file browser, a layout tab, and the default backgrounds.

The second one displays the editing and previewing area, and the third one shows all the pages one after another.

Set up your dream photo book

When the app is started for the first time, it asks you to select the desired item (e.g. real-photo, canvas, poster, or calendar) along with the format (A3, A4, A5 landscape or portrait). An empty album is loaded with the specified parameters.

You can see each page at the bottom of the window, together with the project properties, where you can set the cover to glossy or matte, and the bond to hard or leather. Photos can be added from different locations on the computer using drag-and-drop, or directly copied and pasted in the panel.

Personalize the layout and insert files

The tool lets you select the files you want to add, or use the auto-fill option which automatically creates the book with all the images. Every sheet can have a particular layout with just a single item or more than 10, and with only pictures or text too.

It’s possible to insert a specific color for the background or choose from the wide variety of predefined ones. If you make mistakes, the undo and redo buttons come in handy for going back to the original design and starting all over again.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any kind of customized stickers or symbols that you could have used to make the album more beautiful. Once finished, it’s saved in the database and can be ordered from the publisher’s website.


Taking everything into consideration, is a reliable and fun software utility designed to help make your dream album with photos you cherish using a broad range of customizations.

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