Add scanned copies of important documents, organize them in cabinets, identify them easily and set helpful reminders with this app.

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myhomefiling Description

If you have a lot of important physical documents, you might consider storing them in a more efficient location, one that takes significantly lesser space, such as your computer.

Fortunately, in the situation depicted above, you can turn to third-party applications that can help you simplify your task by providing you with all the necessary tools. One of these software solutions is myhomefiling.

Smooth user interface

This utility packs a smooth, easy to understand layout that packs a handful of interactive functions, making it highly accessible even to less-experienced users.

The main window displays a series of categories available in a tree-view. Therefore, you can explore each of them by double-clicking them or simply clicking the plus-shaped icon next to the corresponding item.

Add documents to your PC and organize them

You can turn to myhomefiling if you need an effortless way of adding physical documents to your computer and organizing them without considerable efforts. Importing a file can be accomplished by using the Add a Document or Add Documents in Bulk options from the File menu, depending on your preferences. If you own a scanner, you can scan the document and add it directly to the app. Otherwise, you can import files from your PC.

Adding a file requires you to specify what type of document it is so that the program can organize it accordingly. You can choose from financial, insurance, vehicle, child, inland, medical, holiday, pet, house, membership, child or miscellaneous documentation categories.

Create reminders

Additionally, whenever you add a new document to your computer, you can set it to trigger a reminder by choosing the message from the combo menu and defining a date. Reminders can also be rescheduled by navigating to the corresponding section and clicking the Reschedule button.

Lightweight app that lets you add and organize important documents on your computer

All in all, myhomefiling is a lightweight application that can help you organize important documents on your computer by either scanning them or adding local files from your PC. It comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface, packs a handful of intuitive functions, lets you set reminders and does not require complicated configuration.

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