Stay updated with the latest news from your favorite media sources with the help of this smooth-running and lightweight RSS reader designed to work on all devices based on the UWP platform.

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myFeed Description

RSS readers offer one of the best ways to stay informed with the latest news or media content from multiple sources, since they practically bring together the information from multiple websites into one streamlined software environment.

If your computer is running Windows 10 and you are currently looking for an efficient RSS reader, then you should definitely give myFeed a quick try.

Hassle-free installation

In order to install and deploy the app on your computer, simply head over to the Microsoft Store and click the ‘Get’ button from the app’s page.

The installation process is swift and does not require any kind of intervention from your part. Upon first launching the utility, you are met by its simplistic main window that might seem quite barren at first.

Novice-accessible GUI

Even before you start adding new feeds, it should be apparent that this application was built with two main things in mind: to be as user-friendly as possible and to perfectly integrate itself with Windows 10.

As is the case with most other apps designed for the UWP, myFeed also comes with a simple GUI that encompasses all the app’s features in four main and self-explanatory sections, namely My Feed, Favorites, RSS Channels and Settings.

Fetch, organize and read the latest news with help of myFeed

This said, you might have guessed by now that the first thing that is required in order to successfully use the app is to add new RSS links. The application provides you with the possibility to organize the links categories that can host any number of kinks.

Once this is dealt with, you can easily start reading online content from your favorite sources directly from the app’s My Feed section. Evidently, you can add any article to the Favorites section but, even more interestingly, you can also pin any article from this section to your computer’s Start menu.

Basic settings set

The Settings section is as simple as they get, with options that allows you to toggle between three sizes for the article texts and to choose how often should the notification service check for new articles.

Before we conclude, we must also point out that even from the first few seconds, it becomes quite clear that is an application that feels right at home on Windows 10, starting with how smooth the transition effects between menus are and finishing with how well the native notifications work.

Smooth-running and efficient, little reader for Windows 10

All in all, myFeed may not be the most stylish, the most customizable or the most powerful app of this sort out there but if you want an RSS reader that just works and perfectly integrates with your Windows 10 PC or other mobile devices that run the same UWP platform, then this app might just be what you are looking for.

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