My SCUBA Diary

With this efficient pogram, you can log all your scuba dives and include all the details you feel are necessary, such as location, depth or duration.

  • My SCUBA Diary
  • Version : 2.6
  • License :Mozilla Public License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Petr Malik

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My SCUBA Diary Description

My SCUBA Diary is a lightweight Java-based application developed to provide you with the means of keeping track of all your diving trips, enabling you to keep the memory alive or share them with friends more easily.

Simple and neatly-structured GUI

The utility features a basic, yet intuitive appearance, sparing you of overly-decorative and unnecessary features, buttons and other such elements.

The main window of My SCUBA Diary displays the trips on record in a left-side panel, while on the left, it allows you to view various details about them, including location, depth, temperature and other information.

Log your dives and reminisce about them later

For starters, you can create a new users for yourself, so you can keep your dives separate from other people that may be using the tool. Afterward, you can import existing data from DB or MDB files, to populate the program, or you can download it from your diving computer.

This can be done by selecting the port it is connected to and picking the device model from the dedicated menu (Aeris 10, Cressi Edy, Genesis React Pro, Mares Darwin, Oceanic Atom, Reefnet Sensus, Suunto Cobra, Tusa Zen, and countless others).

Nonetheless, you can also add the dive specifics by hand, entering the date, time, duration, bottom temperature, maximum depth and the pressure.

Moreover, My SCUBA Diary enables you to create an inventory of the ‘Gear’ you work with, such as ‘Cylinders’, ‘Devices’ or ‘Gasses’, as well as the ‘Buddies’ you dive with or the ‘Sites’ you explore.

A handy dive logging tool

All things considered, My SCUBA Diary proves to be a useful, no-fuss piece of software that can successfully assist you in keeping logs of your diving trips, being able to store all the details that you want with minimal effort.

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