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Create a slideshow of your favorite pictures, set the size of the display area, then move it to any spot on the desktop, with this tool.

  • My Lovely
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  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MBBSoftware Limited

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My Lovely Description

My Lovely is a reliable application that allows you to generate smart picture slideshows, which it displays on the desktop. It enables you to view your favorite images on the desktop, at all times, regardless of the work you do. The size of the slideshow area is customizable and you can relocate the window anywhere on the screen.

Configure the slideshow area

By default, My Lovely displays a small slideshow area, in the upper right corner of the desktop, so that you may view the pictures as thumbnails while going on with your work.

One of the most convenient features of this window is that it automatically turns transparent whenever you hover the cursor over it. This way, you may easily view the contents behind the picture and click on any button.

Moreover, you can right-click on the image to prompt a large slideshow window, in which you can view the pictures at their original resolution.

Lightweight and convenient application

My Lovely features few GUI components, aside from the picture displaying area. The program creates an icon in the system tray each time you open it, that prompts the main menu. You can thus access the Properties window and modify several parameters: the slideshow area size, borders’ style, automatic slide change or shuffle their display order.

The program can start with Windows and you may choose to hide the icon in the system tray or not. You can also open the source setting window, in which you may set the picture folders or enter the gallery URL.

Display your favorite pictures on the desktop at all times

My Lovely allows you to change the size of the slideshow area. By default, it is a small window, designed not to bother your work, but you may increase its size to any value you wish, even so that it completely covers your screen. The changing of the slides can be manually activated or automatized from the Properties window.

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