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With this simple and intuitive application, you can manage your extensive movie collection, being able to even keep track of items you have lent.

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My Film Kiosk Description

My Film Kiosk is a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution which aims to offer you the means of neatly organizing all your favorite movies, be it the ones you have watched, you own or you plan to see.

Clean-cut and approachable interface

Subsequent to a brief and uneventful installation, you can launch the program and start working with it right away, as you will not experience much difficulty in figuring it out.

The main window features several panels that enable you to view the films you have in various categories (‘Seen’, ‘Not Seen’, ‘Favorite’, ‘On Loan’ etc) and their corresponding records, being able to preview certain details about them.

Quickly download or manually add movie entries to your database

My Film Kiosk allows you to download information about your favorite movies from an online server, but it also enables you to input the details manually; the latter option is evidently more time-consuming, as it requires you to enter a wide array of data, for each at a time.

When adding items by hand, you can enter the movie’s ‘Title’, ‘Barcode’, ‘Format’, ‘Genre’, ‘Zone’, ‘Cover’ image, ‘Synopsis’, ‘Trailer’ (either from YouTube or a locally stored video), ‘Subtitles’, ‘Cast and Crew’ information. You can also evaluate it, having the possibility to give it a rating ranging from one to seven points.

Moreover, it includes a ‘YouTube Organizer’ component whose function is to help you find, save and categorize info about movies from the popular video hosting website. It spares you from having to handle numerous and often annoying browser bookmarks, letting you watch them whenever you want, with ease.

My Film Kiosk allows you add countless records to your database, letting you browse through them or create ‘Booklets’ as PDFs, so you can swiftly pick out one you want to watch. However, if you have no idea what you would like to see, you can use the ‘Lottery’ feature that will randomly pick a movie for you. Your lists can be shared with friends and family over the web, thanks to the built-in function that lets you do just that.

Handy catalog creator

To summarize, My Film Kiosk is an interesting and easy to understand application whose main purpose is to help you thoroughly manage your movie collection, enabling you keep track of the ones you have seen or would like to see in the future. The added benefit of assisting you in managing your favorite YouTube videos can represent an extra reason to work with it.

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