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Transfer files and folders from one location to another by creating a queue and instantly run the task or schedule it, by using this portable application.

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My File Queue Description

My File Queue enables you to copy or move files and folders from one directory to another by creating a queue. It has a dual-pane folder explorer and lets you schedule the task to run automatically. The tool doesn’t require installation.

Set directories using a dual-pane file explorer

The intuitive interface gives you the possibility to use two tree views for navigating disk directories and indicating the source and destination folders. It’s possible to select files and folders from any of these two locations to copy or move to the other, depending on which sync direction you prefer: left to right, or right to left.

Create a queue to copy or move files

The software application creates a queue with the files prepared for the operation, showing several file properties, such as the name and extension, source and target directory, size, action (copy or move), and status. The task can be initialized immediately or postponed for a later time by specifying the start date and time.

Start file operations now or scheduled

For each directory, My File Queue has buttons for selecting and deselecting all files, making new folders, as well as for removing selected files or folders from the list or hard drive. Furthermore, it’s possible to abort ongoing tasks, clear all files or delete selected rows from the queue, and examine queue statistics with the target directory, total file size, and level.

Evaluation and observations

The utility carried out copy and transfer operations swiftly in our tests while remaining light on system resources consumption. However, it showed a couple of error dialogs while we were exploring its settings, and it crashed after showing an error about trial limitations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t implement options for syncing two directories.


To wrap it up, My File Queue offers a simple solution for putting together queues to rapidly copy or move files and folders from one location to another. Sadly, we’ve experienced stability issues in our evaluation.

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