A minimalistic web browser that enables you to easily access your preferred webpages as well as save them to Favorites with a few mouse clicks.

  • MxNitro
  • Version :5.0 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MySoft Inc

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MxNitro Description

When it comes to the software they use on a daily basis, there are people who have very specific requests about each application in terms of looks, functions and speed.

The same applies about browsers and those who prefer simplicity above all have a wide range of apps to choose from, such as MxNitro.

Minimalistic looks for a straightforward browser

The installation process goes smoothly and you can access the GUI (graphic user interface) of the browser within seconds.

Since it is designed to be as clutter-free as possible, no user, be they novices or experts, will encounter any difficulty in understanding the functions of MxNitro: just type or paste the URL, then press Enter and open a webpage.

Open webpages in tabs with ease

Despite the fact that all complex settings have been removed from MxNitro, a very important feature has been retained, namely tab support.

In order words, you can access multiple pages at the same time, then browse between the created tabs without any hassle. Moreover, you can add the websites you like best to the list of Favorites, so you can quickly open them at a later time, without needing to type the address once again.

A simplistic, yet reliable web browser

All in all, MxNitro is bound to be appreciated by all those who value simplicity more than anything, especially when it comes to their software solutions.

Some handy functions are still present, since you still get to enjoy a tabbed interface and a list of favorite webpages, while closing a tab can be achieved easily by double-clicking it.

It goes without saying that tech-savvy users in search of complex software are advised to look for another browser, yet regular users can find in MxNitro all they need to explore the web without any issues.

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