Munt VSTi

Munt-based, portable and lightweight VST 2.4 MIDI synthesizer for Windows that can be easily deployed on most VST hosts out there.

  • Munt VSTi
  • Version:1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Falcosoft

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Munt VSTi Description

Munt is a cross-platform synthesizer capable of emulating audio devices such as the Roland MT-32, LAPC-I, CM-64, and CM-23L.

Mainly developed for the Soundfont Midi Player, Munt VSTi is a Munt-based VST 2.4 plugin that aims to provide you with MT-32 support.

As expected, this Munt MT-32 emulator requires a VST host to be present on your computer’s system. It is also important to point out that it comes with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit host and it is capable of working even with the oldest versions of Windows.

Requires MT-32/CM-64 Control and PCM ROM images and specific sample rate values

Please note that you will also need a set of MT-32/CM-64 Control and PCM ROM images in order to properly run it. Lastly, using both x86 and x64 host bridges is not recommended.

Once you load the plugin in your designated VST host, you should firstly set the sample rates to one of the three supported values, namely 32000, 48000, and 96000 Hz.

Lightweight Munt-based VST plugin that comes with a novice-accessible UI

The plugin’s main UI provides you with a comprehensive set of information, such as active partials, the number of loaded ROM files, the sample rate and all the supported channels. Munt VSTi comes with support for three different Channel assignments (2.. 10; 1..8, 10; 9.11..16). Within the same place, you can also test the channels and tweak the Output and Reverb Output gain values.

Furthermore, you should know that the plugin is equipped to send midiProgramName to hosts that support this and it provides you with 11 parameters that are not Midi controllable, as well as with a maximum number of 64 adjustable partials.

Perfectly capable of emulating pre-GM Midi devices

Taking everything into consideration, Munt VSTi is a useful plugin that can be quickly deployed on any VST host, emulating audio instruments like Roland MT-32, LAPC-I, CM-64, and CM-23L.

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