Perform complex calculations using a wide range of mathematical functions and constants, as well as user-defined variables, with this powerful utility.

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MultiplexCalc Description

While certainly convenient, the Calculator app that is bundled with your Windows installation is not particularly advanced, which is why it may not be the best solution for users who need to perform complex calculations.

MultiplexCalc is a lightweight program that seeks to provide you with an alternative, as it can be used to solve a wide range equations. It contains an impressive array of functions and constants, and it even supports user-defined variables.

Powerful desktop calculator

This is a versatile utility that can be used in many fields, as it enables you to employ numerous functions and constants in order to solve various problems. Formulas can be inserted into the expression editor either by using the keyboard or the virtual number pad.

The results of trigonometric functions can be displayed in radians, degrees or grads, and you can specify whether intermediate values should be included for printing.

Use custom variables in your calculations

In addition to supporting an extensive list of functions and constants, the program also allows you to add new variables and assign them specific values.

Multiple variables can be added at a time, and you can easily change the assigned values, but they are not saved when shutting down the application.

Offers adequate documentation but feature a disappointing UI

A fairly extensive user manual is available, which should come to the aid of novices who may run into various issues when using this tool. Moreover, helpful hints are provided when the mouse cursor is placed over certain interface elements.

Sadly, the application definitely needs an upgrade as far as the user interface is concerned, as it is very outdated from a visual standpoint.

All in all, MultiplexCalc is a comprehensive utility that serves to replace the standard Windows Calculator app and enables you to perform advanced calculations from your desktop. However, it would certainly benefit from a modernized interface.

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