Take snapshots of your desktop while leaving your clipboard free for the next screenshot with this lightweight software solution.

  • MultiGrab
  • Version :4.00.12
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MW Graphics

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MultiGrab Description

Whether you are trying to get technical help for an issue you have with one of your programs or you are trying to display the steps to fixing a problem with a friend with no computer skills, chances are that you could use a tool that allows you to take multiple snapshots of your screen.

MultiGrab is a tiny app that enables you to take multiple screenshots using the standard Windows PrintScreen key.

Outdated and rugged interface

First off, you should know that you require to download and install an additional pack of DLL files to get the program started. You should install the pack in the same folder and use the Start monitoring function to grab screenshots.

Unfortunately, the effort is not exactly well rewarded as upon launch you come face to face with a rather old-fashioned interface that consists of a small and crowded window featuring 3 tabs.

Smooth, but overall simple functionality

MultiGrab is as simple to use as it gets as the tabs composing it suggest the program’s overall applicability. More exactly, you can select a dedicated folder for the grabs, preview the list of snapshots captured during monitoring and lastly, select an image to preview its thumbnail.

It is necessary to mention that if you need to make any editing to your screenshots, you can do that via Paint or other third-party apps. While it is true that it consumes very few resources this way, it could use a built-in photo editor.

Multiple saving options

You can save the screenshots in numerous image formats, including Windows Bitmap, TIFF, JPEG, Amiga IFF or Targa 24bit for instance.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said about options the application comes with. Simply put, you can specify if you want a BMP or JPG format for the screenshots, clear all data on program exit, set the delay time and the maximum number of clips to be stored.

Can be useful for occasional projects

MultiGrab works quite smoothly and can help you put together a bulk or snapshots for your project. However, the application lacks too many options to be useful on a regular basis.

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