Install multiple bootable Linux ISO files on a portable drive and boot Linux from the USB stick with this simple to use application.

  • MultiBootUSB
  • Version :8.8.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :sundar_ima

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MultiBootUSB Description

MultiBootUSB is a handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to install multiple live Linux distributions on a removable drive, which is made bootable during the process.

The value of such a tool is undeniable, given the fact that it is able to automate the installation of Linux distros while readying a Flash drive for boot operations.

It is suited for anyone who needs a quick and effortless method to install the Linux OS without requiring complex setups or advanced knowledge in the field.

Another upside is the portability of the program. Simply place it on the removable drive and launch it, without worrying that it will affect your system’s registry.

The program works with ISO files, which you can load using a dedicated dialog. Creating the live distros is one-click away and can take a while, so patience is required on your side.

The conversion process uses two third-party software, namely Syslinux for the MBR installation and 7-Zip for the ISO extraction (this is the part that takes the longest), but these are included in the download package, therefore you’re not required to install them prior to running the application.

The generated distributions are listed neatly inside the main window, from where you can remove or hide them. If you’re planning on testing them, you can use the QEMU utility that has been encased in this program especially for this purpose.

On an ending note, MultiBootUSB is a utility worth having for system administrators who work with Linux installations and distributions often, as it can reduce their efforts considerably.

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