Multi Whois

A lightweight whois application that can help you search for available domains that you can purchase and find out detailed information about a certain domain.

  • Multi Whois
  • Version :1.1.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :jrosco

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Multi Whois Description

Multi Whois is a lightweight software solution that can prove useful in situations when you want to look for domains that are available for purchase or find out information about a particular domain.

Perform WHOIS requests within a simple interface

Its suggestive name reveals its main feature from the start. It works like a whois tool, enabling you to send queries to a specialized server in order to obtain details concerning a specific domain.

Thanks to its forthright interface and accessible options, the application is very intuitive and easy to work with. There are two separate tabs within the main window, one dedicated to searching for a single domain and the other designed for more advanced queries that can help you find available domains.

Depending on the domain name and type, Multi Whois displays a drop-down list containing the whois servers you can choose from. All the retrieved details are shown within the designated pane, where you can view all the information the server provides.

The application remembers the search history, enabling you to repeat a query with just a click. Furthermore, if the computer fails to connect to the first whois server, it automatically uses the second one (if available).

Search for multiple domains and filter your results

The ‘Multi Search’ tab is where you can look for multiple domains and find one that you can purchase. The application can filter the search using multiple criteria, starting with a wordlist file, which includes a list of keywords you want to find.

The application can search for various top-level domain types from various countries, as well as a series of generic top-level domains. When set right, these criteria can significantly narrow down the number of results. Also, you can instruct the application to only display available domains.

A tool to check domain availability

Multi Whois comes in handy for finding out data about any domain and checking its availability. While some improvements could be of help (for instance, proxy support or results caching), it is a viable alternative to online whois services.

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