A professional software solution designed especially for music producers or enthusiasts who want to create music using a rich collection of sound editing tools.

  • MuLab
  • Version: 7.4.11
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:MUTOOLS

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MuLab Description

MuLab is a powerful tool designed to transform your computer into a fully capable music production studio. The program allows you to work with various music tracks and instrument samples in order to create complex audio files.

Features modular project management

Creating music mixes on your computer can be a difficult task if you do not have the right tool for the job. Since there are hundreds of available tools on the market, finding the one that is suitable for your projects is not that easy.

This tool is one of the software solutions that you should at least try when you need to record, edit and play audio tracks. The program has a modular architecture that allows you to work with multiple tracks and MIDI files in a simple interface.

Uncomplicated user interface

Unlike similar applications, MuLab does not have a complicated menu with all the supported features. Actually, the interface has only two buttons that provide access to the program configuration and the session options.

However, you can use the context menu on almost any element in order to view the available functions. Thus, you can intuitively mute a certain track, merge multiple parts or apply a preset to the current audio track.

Can handle various formats and features several instruments

To create a session you can import WAV, AIFF and MIDI files from your hard drive or insert one of the available instruments or effects. You can combine multiple tracks and individually control the output for each for them in order to get the desired result.

Although the program is designed for professionals, beginners can have a lot of fun putting together a song by using audio recordings and instrument samples. If you are just starting to experiment with music production tools, make sure you read the online documentation.

Reliable music production tool

MuLab is a useful application for any user who needs to create and record music. Since the unregistered version provides access to most of the essential features you can successfully use it for smaller projects.

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