MTF mapper

Generate MTF maps with this application that can load and process any common pictures and allows its users to tune SLR autofocus functions.

  • MTF mapper
  • Version : 0.6.5 Beta
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Frans van den Bergh

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MTF mapper Description

Digital photography has advanced considerably since its genesis, more-so with the development of complex and high-performance DSLR cameras.

However, hardware devices alone will not generate good results on their own and, most of the time, one has to employ various complementary tools to generate truly great images.

MTF mapper is one such program, designed to allow its users to measure Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) values across edges in source pictures.

These images can be in virtually any format, including common JPG, BMP and PNG files, as well as RAW documents, such as NEF, CR2, PEF or ARW items.

Once a valid photo has been selected, the program automatically converts the picture to a 16-bit grayscale form; no parameters have to be defined, as the process is automated.

The tool then computes the boundary lists of all the dark objects found within the picture.

By employing advanced algorithms, the tool then calculates MTF50 values for each edge of all the rectangular objects.

The entire process is automated, a setup that ensures even newcomers will easily obtain palpable results.

Based on the analyses, various MTF charts are generated, including 3D surface graphics.

Several auxiliary tools can be employed to improve the overall experience, including rectangle and perspective chart generators.

These latter items are a great method of calibrating the autofocus functions of most DSLR devices while output rectangles can be employed for cross-calibration tasks.

Once satisfied with their project, users can generate annotated images, complete with MTF50 values, as well as profile data sets or MTF surface images.

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