An advanced remote connection session manager that features a multi-tabbed interface, facilitating access to multiple connections at once.

  • mRemoteNG
  • Version :1.75.7008.17907 Hotfix 8
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Riley McArdle

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mRemoteNG Description

mRemoteNG is a versatile application designed with the purpose of initiating and managing remote connections, which can be manipulated using a tabbed interface.

It is intended as a fork of mRemote, an old project that ceased to exist, but to which mRemoteNG is a sort of continuation. Despite being built upon mRemote’s engine, mRemoteNG embeds a wide array of new features and bug fixes and is continuously improved to the benefit of the end user.

mRemoteNG is able to fully manage remote connections and in order to serve its purpose right, it features support for a generous array of protocols, including RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, ICA, HTTP / HTTPS, Raw Socket and rlogin.

The multi-tabbed interface facilitates organized access to multiple connections at the same time, which can be controlled using a comprehensive sidebar. Creating a new connection is done by specifying a name, the hostname and IP, username and password (if login is necessary), as well as domain and protocol.

Moreover, you can create categories and assign connection to different folders in order to have a better overview when you’re handling multiple hosts. A successful connection will display the screen of the computer that is being controlled remotely, with access to all of its resources.

Other highlights include a SSH file transfer utility, which allows you to move files between hosts, as well as a port scanner that reveals ports that are open or closed.

All in all, mRemoteNG is a comprehensive application that can benefit especially network administrators who are dealing with remote tasks on a daily basis. One of the most attractive features is the tabbed approach, which allows users to switch between connections as if they were pages of a browser.

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