MP4 Converter

Allows you to convert your videos to a wide variety of various devices and numerous formats, such as MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI, MOV or DVD.

  • MP4 Converter
  • Version :3.19.15
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tomabo

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MP4 Converter Description

MP4 Converter is a simple and effective multimedia conversion suite that allows users to specify the quality of the output document.

Allows batch file processes

The tool can be useful for anyone who keeps large multimedia libraries. It can effectively be employed as a compression tool since it can convert files to a lower quality and, thus, save disk space. Since it can save documents to predefined mobile profiles, it is a very good tool for smartphone users.

MP4 Converter comes with a simple, but practical interface that new users will find very easy to grasp. The program relies exclusively on buttons for navigation, and one can complete conversion processes with under five mouse clicks. More-so, users can issue batch conversions on entire folders.

Can load most popular multimedia files

As with all multimedia converters, the tool essentially requires three input parameters: source files, a conversion format and a destination path. Regarding the first part of the previous enumeration, the software can load a wide variety of common formats (e.g. MP3s, MP4s, FLVs or WEBMs).

However, the real strong point of this program is its support for numerous conversion formats and mobile profiles. There are no less than 16 supported video and 8 audio formats, including all popular file-types. What’s more, all options can be customized with regards to the output quality!

Comes with a wide variety of supported mobile profiles

With regards to mobile devices, the application supports no less than 17 built-in profiles that can be applied to streamline content for the corresponding devices. As for the destination path, users are free to customize it in order to suit their needs.

To sum up, MP4 Converter is a powerful conversion tool that can help users in encoding their multimedia libraries to various formats.

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