Create your own movies library with this comprehensive application that obtains descriptions and other clip information from IMDb.

  • MovieFinder
  • Version :2.1.3d
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Red Baron Software

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MovieFinder Description

MovieFinder is meant to assist users in managing their film database. The application has multiple methods of filtering search results and updates descriptions or poster pictures from IMDb and

Multiple methods of searching and filtering the clips database

As most film aficionados will agree, any program that sets out to do what MovieFinder attempts will encounter one severe problem: the films list becomes rather full quite fast. This implies that a good movies database manager has to have powerful search and filter tools.

Fortunately, this is one of the really strong points of this application. Users can search by genre, director’s name, the cast that starred in the film and even the media format (e.g. DVD or Blu-Ray).

Another noteworthy search query is related to the ratings received by the clip. One could, for example, query the library for movies with an IMDb rating higher than 5, an MPAA rating of G and a user rating of 1 star. All these options are highly useful when the film library is quite big.

Add new clips either manually or automatically from IMDb

The tool can receive new entries, either as defined by users or by importing information directly from IMDb. The latter option is highly useful, as it imports most data with a single click.

An interesting feature is that users can give personal ratings, which can then be compared to standard Internet Movie Database ones.

While importing information from the renowned site is self-explanatory and generally proceeds without any glitches, manually defining new entries allows a lot more freedom. For example, one could add a very popular movie title, but insert an original description, complete with a customized poster image.

In conclusion, MovieFinder is a great tool for movie-buffs and anyone generally possessing a large movie library. Even casual users will find the application highly enjoyable, more-so since it is free of charge!

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