Manage multiple details about your favorite movies with this organizer utility that stores cinematographic details and offers enhanced film collection tools.

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Movied Description

Movie aficionados and cinematography enthusiasts could be struggling to maintain a centralized database containing information about their favorite films. Lucky, there are several software packages out there that offer solutions to such issues and one of them is Movied. This application was designed in order to help users gather information about films and create databases in order to manage all the details about their movie collection.

Well constructed interface that will provide a great deal of information about the selected movies

The application carries a thoughtfully designed interface that is meant for movie collectors thanks to its features. One will be able to easily define a new film database and in it add endless details about each movie. This can be done both manually as well as automatically, since the application can gather information from the folders where the movie files are located, saving users from a lot of trouble.

In spite of its intuitive layout, the application lacks any menus and its buttons do not feature any names and therefore users are required to maintain the cursor over the buttons in order for the tooltips to appear. This might not be such an important issue, but considering its main purpose – movie collection inventory, it would have been beneficial for its buttons to also contain text strings in order to facilitate handling.

Easily gather information about your favorite movies and add details to each film from your collection

Users will be able to enter and view structured details about the movie genre, casting, rating or soundtracks. Each different category is well organized and one will be able to also access Internet information about the selected actors, directors or film.

Access to several Internet movie databases, such as IMDb, Kinopoisk or The Movie DB is offered as a contextual menu for the selected films. Apart from the cinematographic details, people will be able to also add, gather and view extensive details about the video format and its characteristics such as the codec, frame rate, color depth, etc.

Film collection organizer that manages to offer a good bundle of tools for cinema enthusiasts

This application addresses mainly those who are involved into movie collecting and necessitate an efficient way of storing all the information about the films in their collection. It will offer a good amount of film inventory features, access to Internet movie databases and a fair amount of customization. Nevertheless, its lack of proper menus might be noticed by experienced users, who could require a more “standardized” approach for their film inventory.

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