Movavi Slideshow Creator

Create a stunning video using pictures, movies and sound, as well as enhancing it with various transitions and effects, with the help of this powerful tool.

  • Movavi Slideshow Creator
  • Version :2.0.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Movavi LTD

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Movavi Slideshow Creator Description

Creating a proper first impression most of the times makes a difference. Projects can be enhanced with presentations created with applications like Movavi Slideshow Creator. They give you the possibility to load various media files, apply effects and arrange them in a desired order, resulting in a film that can be used in a large variety of domains.

Intuitive design makes it easy to use

If you are not familiar with video processing applications, you have no problem taking advantage of the provided features. Every tool is easily accessible and clearly visible to create a comfortable workspace.

A preview section is available so that each step of the way you can keep an eye on the result. Pictures, movies and even sound files you load are stored in a panel which you can set to display only specific types.

Arrange elements to get the perfect timing

You are able to work either in a timeline or storyboard mode, depending on preferences. Choosing to work in the firstly mentioned one gives you thorough and more precise options.

A slider lets you zoom in or out for a better view, with time indicators placed here and there, depending on the zoom level.

The application gives you the possibility to add multiple layer for each section, pictures, movies, sound and even text. Unfortunately, it gets a little difficult to manage elements chosen to be displayed at the same time.

Furthermore, a wide variety of effects can be used to enhance your media items with. These are found in a panel, stored in categories with a few available customization options.

When your project is ready, an abundance of export options give you the possibility to take the newly created video file on nearly any device. These can be set to a custom quality/compression configuration, or use one of the available presets found in categories for easier detection.

A few last words

To sum it up Movavi Slideshow Creator features a modest name, for its integrated tools give you the possibility to create better videos than a large variety of similar applications. You can make use of an abundance of file formats and have the result exported with compatibility for some of the most commonly used devices.

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