Find the mouse pointer on your screen and have it moved to the center or closer to an edge of the screen through comfortable hotkey commands.

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Mouseketeer Description

Chances are you’re using multiple monitors to do your job, and you might prefer large ones to fit all desktop elements inside. This can lead to accidentally losing the cursor for a while. However, you can easily identify it and even have it teleported to a different location on your screen with the help of Mouseketeer.

Quietly sits in the tray area

The application takes little time to install and you can take it for a spin right afterwards. Note that it minimizes to the tray area, so you might want to start from there. Without an actual interface, the application’s functions are triggered through the tray menu, or a floating one you enable anywhere on the screen through hotkey commands.

It can become pretty frustrating to have no idea where the pointer is located even if moving mouse like mad, and it can happen on large, crowded monitors. The core feature of the application is to spawn a menu to its location, and even move it to a particular screen location.

Choose a comfortable menu hotkey command

It’s a good idea to first define a hotkey command for the core feature. You can use any combination of keyboard buttons, including all three special buttons together. Just make sure the combination is not used by any other process or program, and that it’s comfortable for you.

A menu shows up at the cursor location and contains most functions found in the tray menu. As such, you can quickly move the cursor closer to one of the edges of the screen, or simply have it centered. On the bright side of things, movement functions also benefit from hotkeys, but these can’t be configured and the menu needs to be in focus for them to work.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Mouseketeer is a neat little application which can enhance your workflow by preventing the cursor from exiting your focus area. It can easily be moved to a particular location of the screen only through hotkey commands.

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