Mosaizer Lite

Create beautiful mosaic photos in a few easy steps, by setting the size, distance, quality and amount of tiles with this image editor.

  • Mosaizer Lite
  • Version:1.5 Build 27
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:APP Helmond

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Mosaizer Lite Description

Mosaizer Lite is a handy mosaic creation tool designed to help you edit your photos and create high-quality works of art.

Create mosaics with ease

The interface of Mosaizer Lite is easy to understand and the steps you have to take to create a mosaic are pretty clear. The ‘Preparation’ section asks for a source picture, and the ‘Creation’ area enables you to perform several adjustments before hitting the ‘Create mosaic’ button.

Depending on the performance of your computer and the selected settings, a picture can be created in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, you can select various enhancements for the output photo, but, in this case, the processing time will be longer. In other words, the bigger the mosaic, the longer time it takes to complete the job.

Library creation and extra large mosaics

Mosaizer Lite allows you to create your own library of pictures, which can be used to design each tile of a mosaic. If you want to generate a new photo library, you must select a folder, set the maximum size for each image and type in a name not longer than 16 characters.

Another nice feature of Mosaizer Lite goes by the name of Xtra Large. It allows you to create very detailed (up to 270 Megapixels) and large pictures. Please note that turning on this mode disables the manual quality enhancement and the bitmap printing options.

A powerful mosaic designer with specific usage

The fact that Mosaizer Lite only targets a niche in the photo editing sector may be considered a downside. On the other hand, the application performs above reproach when it comes to creating mosaics. Taking into consideration the relatively short creation times and the numerous useful features, Mosaizer Lite is definitely a good choice to refresh the look of your pictures.

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