A useful application that will make it possible for you to have custom status messages displayed when using Skype to keep in touch with friends.

  • Moody
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DJMASTER.COM

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Moody Description

Sharing thoughts and feeling with close friends is quite easy to do these days thanks to the numerous dedicated online services or software solutions that have been developed with such intent.

There are as well numerous additions that can be integrated within established messaging programs and Moody is one of them. Moody is designed to work with Skype and allow users to post various quotes or personal considerations as status message.

Select the desired message and post it from a clean interface

The fast installation of Moody should complete in a couple of moments and from then on you can use it freely to customize your status as it is displayed inside Skype when exchanging messages with friends.

Although the GUI is rather bare and dull, its ease of use cannot be contested, as it makes it possible for everyone to post a personalized status message in a couple of instants.

Built-in status message list and custom input

When it comes to picking some witty quotes that are suitable for use inside Skype, Moody comes with a sizable list for anyone to choose from. More so, should you want to add some words of your own, the program also offers you this functionality.

From the ‘Tools’ area of the application you can choose the target text file containing the mood messages that will be used. Also, you can choose the frequency with which the texts are changed and you also have at your disposal a simple means of creating headers and footers for the mood message.

An easy to use addition for all users who want to customize Skype

All things considered, Moody is definitely among the bets tools of its kind, providing a lot of quotes to choose from, as well as the ability to personalize the messages displayed when chatting with friends in Skype.

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