Automate Philips Hue and Moodifier lighting from your network or over the web, applying different settings for various moments in the day.

  • Moodifier
  • Version:1.6.3b
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Moodifier Limited

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Moodifier Description

Moodifier is an interesting and fairly simple to understand piece of software that was designed to help you control the lighting in your home, via LAN or the Internet, being compatible with Philips Hue and Moodifier lamps.

User-friendly and well-structured looks

The utility experiences a quick and uneventful installation, subsequent to which you can launch it and start creating new configurations for various times of day or different occasions.

In terms of appearance, the program groups its features in distinct tabs, allowing you to easily access the section you need to work with, ‘Moodifier Units’, ‘Light Settings’ or ‘Schedules’.

Configure your lighting preferences and schedule them to run at different moments in the day

From the ‘Moodifier Units’ area, you can view the status of your lamps, specifically the MAC address, IP number, ‘PWM Frequency’ and ‘Heat Threshold’. If they cannot be found automatically, you can enter it by hand. The ‘Default Setting’ tab allows you to choose which channels to activate, the light intensity and the ‘Color’ or ‘Watt’ value.

The ‘Light Settings’ section of Moodifier enables you to view existing configurations and customize them or create a new one, inputting a name, select the targeted channels and adjusting the ‘Music and Effects’ preferences to automatically play songs, synchronize the light to the tracks and change color or intensity at regular intervals.

Additionally, the utility lets you schedule different light configurations for weekdays and weekends, for specific times in the day or even for sunrise and sunset, enabling you to fully decide the environment in which you wake or go to sleep.

A control tool for the lighting in your home

To conclude, Moodifier is an appealing and easy to handle application that you can resort to if your home or office features Philips Hue or Moodifier lighting, as you can manage the way they behave from afar.

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