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You can continuously monitor the processes, services, devices and system performance, with this program that can send notifications to your email.

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MonitorPack Guard Description

MonitorPack Guard is a comprehensive system logging solution, which can monitor the performance of your PC or on a server. The program can monitor services, processes, sockets, printers or shared drives and generate reports that are sent to your email or via SMS.

System information and performance monitor

MonitorPack Guard allows you to create a supervising grid, by selecting the counters you wish to observe. The program offers four levels of details that you can choose from: novice, advanced, expert and custom.

The parameter counters include .NET CLR data, exceptions, networking, security, BranchCache, browser information, event tracing, file system disk activity or HTTP services. You can also monitor parameters regarding IP/TCP services, LogicalDisk, memory, network adapter, physical disk, processor, storage space or the SMSvcHost service, USB or WFP.

The program can be installed on a PC and gather data from one system and the indicated username, but you can also install it on a server, to monitor several computers. You can select the available counters for the supported stations.

View Windows services statuses and create alerts

MonitorPack Guard can perform quick individual analysis on Windows services, processes, sockets, printers and shared drives. The menu on the left allows you to access each function with one mouse click.

MonitorPack Guard allows you to create alerts for critical events during performance audit, or monitoring processes, shares, services, printers and ports. You can define separate alerts for each category. Moreover, you can schedule various actions on the selected stations, by configuring the script in the dedicated tab.

Generating comprehensive reports

MonitorPack Guard can create graphic reports for performance, process, shared items, services, printers or ports. Additionally, you can prompt the Global Reporting tool, which can generate informational charts on several categories including alerts, alarms or logs and export them to HTML, Excel, TXT formats. You may also view all the alerts, based on the date they were issued and the subject.

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