Monitor Power Saver

Schedule your monitor or computer to turn themselves off after a certain time interval by relying on this lightweight application.

  • Monitor Power Saver
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :V.Karthik

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Monitor Power Saver Description

When working for long periods on your computer, it is recommended to take breaks every once in a while, to prevent a series of health hazards.

However, sometimes you might forget to save power by turning your monitor off or putting your computer to sleep mode. In this case, you can rely on specialized software, such as Monitor Power Saver, that can help you save power in an easy, efficient manner.

Lightweight, portable application with easy-to-use functions

Since it is portable, this program does not require installation, it does not modify Windows registry entries nor does it create additional files on your computer.

It comes with a minimalistic user interface and highly intuitive functions, thus allowing you to understand and benefit of its features without great efforts.

Automatically turns your monitor off in certain situations

You can rely on this application if you need a tool that can help you turn your monitor off automatically, in case you forget to do so. It is possible to set the application to turn your display off when the screensaver starts, but you can also schedule this event to occur after a certain time interval.

Additionally, you can opt for the utility to run at startup, so that you do not need to worry about launching it in the first place. The program runs with the last known configuration.

Schedule your computer to standby, hibernate or shutdown

Aside from the above functions, Monitor Power Saver also allows you to schedule your computer to shutdown, hibernate or standby on specific days and times. Also, it is possible to set it as an individual event or create a recurrence pattern by choosing multiple weekdays.

After setting the desired date and time, you can select a suitable action, such as Standby, Hibernate or Shutdown, check the Start box and hit the Okay button. The application automatically puts your system in the corresponding state on the date you specified.

To sum it up, Monitor Power Saver is a reliable tool that allows you to turn off your monitor after a certain time interval and also helps you schedule your computer to shutdown, hibernate or standby.

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