Money on Thread

A simple and reliable piece of software designed to offer you the means to keep your budget under control and keep track of all financial transactions.

  • Money on Thread
  • Version:1.6.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sorinel Cristescu

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Money on Thread Description

Money on Thread is a simple to use personal budget manager that aims to offer you the possibility to record all the changes made in your finances.

User-friendly and simple to use layout

The interface of the application is highly intuitive and features several menus, tabs and buttons that are very easy to understand.

Upon initialization, you are prompted to enter the name of the account which you want to create. Once you have settled that, you can begin to manage and asses the current state of your financial situation. On the right side of the main window, you can access a calendar and right below a calculator.

Keep an eye on your finances using timeline threads

As its name clearly suggests, this application is designed to offer you a simple method of keeping track of income money and day-to-day expenses using threads.

You can record and modify budget activities, namely expenses and incomes according to your finance plan. Also, you can follow up on those transactions in a chronological order, from old ones to the most recently entered transaction.

Each transaction is split in two types: income and expense. Evey transaction can be grouped into a predefined category, such as salary income, personal and household expenses, retail and groceries, transportation, health and education, just to name a few. Besides these built-in categories, you can create your own category from the ‘Application Configuration’ window.

Access various threads that display your financial balance

The situation of your financial transactions can be analyzed using multiple views that the application comes packed with. Thus, you can have an image of your account’s financial evolution by viewing graphs, transaction lists and category reports. Also, you can export reports for each account as CSV files.

An overall reliable personal budgeting software

Money on Thread is a software utility designed mainly for household use and addresses the average user, since professionals might find it less appealing. It is important to mention that during the installation process and all throughout our test, Money on Thread proved to be stable and did not cause sudden crashes or error messages.

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