mocha Pro

A comprehensive and feature-rich planar motion tracking application that allows you remove undesired objects or add mesh objects into your graphic applications.

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mocha Pro Description

mocha Pro is an advanced piece of software that enables you to enhance your next graphic application with impressive visual effects and award-winning planar tracking. While the app revolves around the idea of rotoscoping, you can rest assured that achieving the planar tracking does not require advanced experience with taking shots from awkward angles.

Comes with a sleek and appealing interface

The program comes with an elegant and modern GUI that consists of three main areas, namely the viewing pane, the layer control panel and the editing tools, location in the lower section of the interface.

It is worth mentioning that the viewing features several controls that can come in handy on several occasions when you are adding or removing objects from live footage. Therefore, depending on the project’s prerequisites you can enable and disable the RGB channels, Alpha channels, layer mattes, overlays, outlines, tangents, planer surface, grid, trace or brightness scaling, just to name a few.

Includes numerous tools for rotoscoping

As with similar application, working with this tool entails creating a project structure that features the footage, drawing the loose spline and tracking it, adding new shapes that you can link to your monitor and export the matter or the shape data

Even though the program is not very demanding when it comes to the footage you employ, it is recommended that you have some knowledge about how to find the planes of movement in your shots so that are in accordance with the objects that you are tracking. Then again, if you do not get right from the first time, you should not fret as the app support track adjustment.

A professional utility for artists and movie makers

In the eventuality that you are planning to design a matter for an element on a live-action plate and you want to make sure that it can integrate seamlessly over another background, then perhaps mocha Pro might be the tool to try out.

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