Seamlessly play videos,browse photos and reply to messages you receive various mobile apps from your computer using this application.

  • Mobizen
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RSUPPORT CO., LTD.

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Mobizen Description

In the eventuality that you want to share your videos, photos or other files with your friend or team members, but you only have them stored on your phone, you could pass the mobile device around or gather everyone and play the video.

Mobizen is a lightweight application that provides you with a more convenient alternative to playing videos or displaying photos for anyone to enjoy, even in a professional setting.

Comes with a medium-difficulty setup and configuration

First off, you should find and install the Mobizen Mirroring application specific for your mobile device from the Google Store. While you can create a new account, you should keep in mind that you can also log in the application using your Google or Facebook account.

Once you logged in the mobile all, you can connect the smartphone to the computer and establish the connection between the two devices. In case it does not recognize it, then the issue can usually be fixed by authorizing your computer from your mobile device. As soon as you create the connection, you can view the mirror image from your smartphone on your computer.

Allows you to play videos, listen to tracks and transfer them to PC

The idea behind the utility is to enable you to perform all tasks you habitually do on your mobile device, but taking advantage of the perks of a computer. If you enjoy the idea of dragging and swiping, then you will be happy to learn that the tool allows you to make the gestures with your mouse.

Consequentially, you can play videos and view photos in a larger screen that enables you to check out the details more minutely. In addition, thanks to the utility you can reply messages or send emails using your standard keyboard, a feature that can be appealing to users who are not too keen on touchpads.

Moreover, the program allows you to seamlessly transfer files from your mobile to your computer and hence, free up a lot of space on your SD card. You can transfer files, record or take notes by accessing the drop down menu located in the upper section of the UI.

A tool for managing your smartphone more efficiently

All in all, if you are looking for a versatile solution to display files from your smartphone and transfer them to any location to your PC without too much hassle, then perhaps Mobizen could lend you a hand.

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