Mobile Net Switch

Easily create multiple profiles with settings for various network connections, desktop options, office and printer accounts, with activation requiring to system restart.

  • Mobile Net Switch
  • Version:5.20
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:RH Computing

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Mobile Net Switch Description

[Nowadays you can connect to the Internet via multiple methods and configurations. Sure enough, an end user is mostly asked for credentials in order to gain access to certain privileges, but an Internet connection is based on much more. With this in mind, Mobile Net Switch gives you the possibility to create multiple profiles, each with its own set of connection rules and system settings that blend with specific environments.

Simple and highly-intuitive interface

Through the installation process you are asked for permission to automatically launch at startup and is practical considering the set of features it comes equipped with. Running it brings up a pretty intuitive interface, with all major configurable settings stored in categories that can easily be accessed from the side panel.

Easily create multiple real time updating profiles

Creating a new profile is the easiest step, with the only requirement being a name so you know what it’s used for. A considerable advantage is that further on, changes made are applied in real time to the selected profile that can easily be changed from a drop-down menu constantly displayed on the main window.

The application provides a sense of balance when it comes to depth of customization, with options that cover network connection settings to desktop personalization, with few requirement fields, but with the right configuration resulting in powerful output.

Thorough network connection settings

If you connect to multiple networks on a daily basis, regardless of Internet access, it can be a pain to manually look for the right network, run a specific set of applications or even change your IP address to avoid conflicts.

This is where the application shines, letting you thoroughly specify what method to use to connect to a network, with options to add custom IP addresses, proxy settings, as well as the network card and browser basic options.

Configure desktop and mail options

Amongst other customizable options, there are even settings to make your work a little more comfortable. For instance, the “Desktop” category holds options for screen resolution, display type, wallpaper or volume level to set when a profile is activated.

Furthermore, even office work can benefit from the application’s feature set. A default printer can be set, different time zones, power scheme in case you’re running it on a laptop or notebook, as well as your Outlook profile and email account.

Create automated scripts to run

There are even a few miscellaneous settings that provide enhanced practicality. In other words, you can add custom applications to automatically launch before and after a connection is triggered, or a simple utility to add notes to act as a reminder.

Unfortunately, there was apparently no room in the set of features to implement support for hotkeys to easily switch between profiles, since you don’t need to restart the computer for changes to take effect. Additionally, it would have also been useful to see a portable version of the application in case you can’t take your machine everywhere you go and just apply settings to other computers.

In conclusion

All in all, we can safely state that Mobile Net Switch is no doubt a powerful application that deserves at least a try, even if not used at full potential. It’s incredibly easy to set up and configure to make it suite your style and needs, with a rich set of features applicable in nearly every working and leisure environment. It’s highly recommended if you’re constantly on the go and need to connect to multiple networks.

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