Quickly grabs music lyrics while playing songs on Spotify or finds songs by artist and song name with minimal effort on your behalf.

  • MixLyrics
  • Version:0.9.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Muze Digital

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MixLyrics Description

Accessible to users with minimal computer experience, MixLyrics is a straightforward application that can be used by music lovers to fetch lyrics from MusixMatch by entering a song and artist name. It can also do this automatically while songs are playing on Spotify.

The software utility gets installed quickly and easily. Wrapped in a simplistic interface with a clean window and neatly organized layout, it provides a search function on the top side, which can be filled with an artist and song name to look up the matching lyrics on MixLyrics.

Finds lyrics by artist and song name

We have observed several things during our evaluation. The tool doesn’t display a list of possible matches, which would had been useful for allowing you to choose the one you wanted (in case you cannot remember the complete song name, for example). Instead, it loads on the screen the lyrics from the closest match.

Partial matches are accepted but they rarely deliver the expected results. The same inaccuracy concerning matching lyrics can be said about running searches using only the artist’s name or only the song’s name.

Shows lyrics to current songs on Spotify

If you use Spotify to listen to music, you can ask MixLyrics to automatically show the lyrics for the current song. But this option can be disabled anyone. Furthermore, you can switch from light to dark theme for the interface, as well as ask the tool to ignore “feat”, “with” or “radio edit” while performing searches in order to improve accuracy.

All aspects considered, MixLyrics may not be a sophisticated application for downloading lyrics to favorite songs. However, there’s plenty of room for improvements as well as new features (such as additional exclusion filters). It worked well on Windows 10 in our tests and barely affected system resources consumption.

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