MiTeC DirList

View the contents of your PC’s folder structure with this application that yields a customizable file listing and offers export to HTML and CSV file formats.

  • MiTeC DirList
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mitec

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MiTeC DirList Description

Handling multiple files and maintaining a large volume of information can sometimes induce increased difficulty if one requires to perform a file search. MiTeC DirList is a compact application that was designed in order to help users easily list the contents of their folder structure. It will allow them to define specific search criteria and it will identify all the files that meet that criteria, in the user-selected locations.

Minimalist interface that will provide a good balance between user-friendliness and actual features

MiTeC DirList presents users with a basic interface that will not impress through its clean looks, but rather through its ease-of-use and efficient handling. Its three-tab array will allow one to easily select the preferred directories, define a search criteria and then list its contents accordingly.

Being lightweight on resources and with no installation process, the application will be quite responsive and efficient in use. However, although its handling is straightforward and easy to understand, it would have been better for it to also include a basic documentation for novice users.

List the contents of your PC’s directories with this utility that offers listing export in CSV and HTML file formats

Users will be able to browse their PCs’ folder structure and select the preferred locations for content listing. The application will allow them to list the directories recursively and they will be able to customize the search criteria with their own text strings.

Once all the folder content has been listed, users can proceed with formatting the resulted listing report and exporting it to either CSV or HTML formats. Nevertheless, it would have also been beneficial for the utility to offer exporting directly to text formats, therefore increasing the interoperability even more.

Lightweight application that will help users list the contents of their directories and save it for inventory purposes

Users who seek for an easy-to-use software solution that could allow them to list the content of their folders / directories, could make a wise choice when selecting this application. By using its clean interface and basic features they will be able to list their files in no time, with no additional hassle. More than that, the application will even allow them to save the resulting listings to HTML or CSV formats, for external processing.

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