A virtual painting application that enables users to create detailed and beautiful art works using a mouse or a graphical tablet.

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Mischief Description

Artists need simple and elegant tools in order to create masterpieces. Mischief is a small and intuitive digital graphics application that can appeal to those that feel that complicated interfaces get in the way of their artistic process.

An infinite canvas

Users that feel constrained by defining a canvas size when creating a new file will be relieved to know that this application does no such thing. Instead it allows them to make use of its wide zoom range and pan function to navigate a virtually endless drawing area. If an infinite canvas seems a bit overwhelming, the application’s geometric tools can be used to draw boundaries and limit its area.

Simple, customizable tools and interface

The application’s tool set is rather small, however that does not seem to get in the way of creativity, but rather helps users actually manifest their artistic abilities, instead of fiddling with different options or navigating through complicated menus.

The main window of the application is clutter-free thanks to its re-positionable panels and tool-bars, which can also be minimized so as to not get in the way. The tools available consist of basic shapes, a color picker ( ‘eyedropper’ ), brushes and erasers both of which are customizable in terms of size and opacity. Areas can be selected then transformed by resizing and rotating them.

Layers are also supported and can be easily configured from a dedicated panel. They can be toggled on or off, deleted, re-ordered, flipped horizontally or vertically, merged and made transparent or opaque.

A distraction-free graphics editor

To sum it up, Mischief does its best not to get between the user and his creativity by being lightweight and unobtrusive. The tools provided are enough to handle any artistic project be it amateur or professional and the interface is designed not to distract or hinder in any way.

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