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A simple and user-friendly piece of software that can help you learn how to pronounce English words with clarity and confidence.

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Minimal Pairs Tutor Description

Minimal Pairs Tutor is a reliable and efficient application whose main purpose is to help you learn the proper pronunciation of words by practicing your speech and becoming more adept in telling the differences between certain sounds.

Minimal pairs are sets of words where only one sound differs from the other; they probably represent the best method of learning how to speak a foreign language. English is notoriously difficult because of the many rules and even more exceptions in terms of pronunciation.

Minimal Pairs Tutor features a simple and user-friendly interface that enables you to browse through the existing minimal pairs, using the arrows for ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’, then listen to their correct pronunciation by clicking on the image equivalent to the words you are reading, which can also help you acquire new vocabulary.

The utility features a variety of minimal pairs, grouped according to the main sound, such as ‘G’, ‘ZH’, ‘B’, ‘NG’, ‘TH’ and countless more, each comprising a wide range of contrasting pairs, like ‘R vs DH’, ‘G vs JH’, ‘SH vs T’, and others.

Additionally, the application allows you to create your own minimal pairs, by importing images and typing in the equivalent words. This way, you can enrich the library of entries, adding new or possible omitted pairs.

Moreover, Minimal Pairs Tutor enables you to record your own pronunciation of certain words and offers you information about the accuracy of your speech, even providing a score to let you know how well you are doing or if you need improving.

The program features several languages that you can choose from, not only English, but also Spanish, German, French and several others, but they require your Windows Speech Recognizer to contain the pronunciation for those languages.

To summarize, Minimal Pairs Tutor is a useful and reliable piece of software that provides you with the means to learn the correct pronunciation of a language, requiring a minimal amount of effort from you.

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