Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise

Comprehensive development environment for enterprises, which meets the requirements of the most demanding programming teams, allowing streamlined coding, compiling and deployment.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Version :2017 15.2.26430.16 / 2017 15.3.26711.1 Preview
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Microsoft

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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Description

Visual Studio Enterprise is the most comprehensive edition Microsoft offers, delivering much more than the individual developer needs. It addresses the commercial environment, providing the tools, services and options required to work on complex, high-scale projects.

The Enterprise edition of Visual Studio was born with the launch of the 2015 edition of the popular development IDE, becoming part of the highest tier available for download and purchase. It encloses both the Ultimate and the Premium editions, which will be no longer developed separately.

Advanced code editor with IntelliSense technology

Targeting the enterprise client, Visual Studio Enterprise does not disappoint when it comes to the feature set. It is compatible with various programming languages (Visual C#, Visual Basic, C++, F#, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, HTML, and many more) and gives developers the freedom to create any type of application and work on projects compatible with Windows or web platforms, Android or iOS, Office, SharePoint, and this is just a small part of a long list.

The IDE includes the popular editor with syntax highlighting, bookmarking, and a rich toolbox that allows quick searching, class viewing and code browsing. Furthermore, thanks to the IntelliSense technology, developers benefit from context-aware help, code completion and quick snippet insertion, all to save time.

Advanced development tools and focus on productivity

The Enterprise edition focuses on teamwork and a streamlined workflow that can reduce the coding and deployment time. Cooperation between team members is encouraged through the use of the VS Team Services, helping even large teams to become efficient and productive, and meet their deadlines.

It also comes with advanced coding, monitoring, debugging, profiling, and testing tools (unit testing, load testing, and so on), which work together to allow development teams to ship high-quality results. The available options and features enable users to code faster, manage dependencies with ease, handle large datasets, diagnose and find solutions to the issues that might occur in due time. Furthermore, the Enterprise edition features DevOps support, allowing automatic deployment and offering a more detailed insight of the project.

Feature-rich development environment

As its name implies and its generous feature set proves, Visual Studio Enterprise is not designed for the non-enterprise customer. It is able to handle any project, no matter its size and complexity, and can be used with large datasets, which is usually the case at this level.

Users get a feature-rich IDE for creating their app or interface, accompanied by a generous set of tools that helps them make sure their projects meet the customer’s expectations and quality standards.

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