Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe

A handy software utility for effortlessly managing your finance on a monthly basis, without forgetting any due payments or transactions.

  • Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe
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Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Description

While it may sound tedious and rather complicated, creating a budget and stick to it can help you stay on track and avoid cash-related stress in the long run.

Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe packs several advanced tools to help you get an overview of your spending habits and hence, perhaps lend a hand with making better financial decisions.

Provides you with an overview of your total spending

The app comes with a sleek and stylish interface that features several intuitive tabs that you can browse through without too much hassle. To put it simply, you can add data, edit and review information about your Banking, Bills, Budget, Taxes as well as Planning and Investing, if necessary.

The default Home tab includes a summary of all your expenses that are displayed via a pie chart, so you can know immediately where most of your money is going. At the same time, the app includes reminder and highlight unnecessary expenses that can have an adverse impact on your budget. Depending on your priorities, you can customize the information exhibited in the Home screen.

Create long-term financial plans for paying debt and savings

The highlight of the program stems from the comprehensive report function that displays the income and expenses as totals and with details very clearly. If you prefer to check out whether you are on track with the established budget, then these simplified reports can make a difference.

Even though you can add bills, taxed or other expenses manually, a simpler method that can help you avoid human errors would be to import financial statements. Unfortunately, the supported filesin this case include QIF and QFX only. You can only export to QIF file format.

A further noteworthy set of tools are the Taxes, especially since you can fill in and export data for W-2 and Form 1040 as well as calculate the deductions you are eligible for during the current fiscal year.

A feature-rich tool for budgeting and managing your income

Whether you are looking for a way to keep a budget and do not know where to start or perhaps you get income from various places and need to keep an eye on everything, a money management tool such as Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe can go a long way.

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